We have some exciting changes to our squads starting on October 14th at the Coffs Harbour Olympic Pool site.

Dean Laurence who has been teaching at the pool for 22 years and the current Head Coach will be running his own program under the name Coffs Coast Swimming Squad. Dean has helped many swimmers achieve their dreams and goals over those 22 years in the sport. He continues to be very passionate about improving technique and endurance as he trains swimmers to represent their school, state and at a national level.

Dean is pleased to announce he will also be offering additional options to what is now on offer. This will include specific surf competitor pool sessions and squads to suit a variety of participants schedules while catering to different abilities. We encourage anyone interested to contact Dean to discuss the various options he has worked out to participate in one of his programs.

He can be contacted for more detail by these methods:

Facebook site: Coffs Coast Swimming Squads
Email: coffsswim@gmail.com
Mobile: 0432 388 292