Swimming Lessons at Coffs Harbour Pools

Sailfish Swim School is dedicated to delivering a high quality aquatic education to children through to adults. We ensure students are taught the right techniques and essential safety skills in an environment where they feel comfortable, can grow in confidence and have fun!

We create a safe learning environment with advancement through practice, correction and repetition at any age. This is how students develop the skills that ultimately give them the courage to dive into new experiences. The fact is your child’s potential is in there. Sometimes you just need to add water.

As parents, we know there’s no greater feeling than the pride that comes with witnessing your child accomplish new skills — that’s why we’re always celebrating at Sailfish.

Holiday Programs

Our program during summer school holidays is ideal for accelerated progress through daily swimming activities. Students will have the opportunity to build confidence, improve their swimming abilities or focus on a difficult skill with guidance from an instructor or coach.

Adult & Adolescent Learn to Swim

Sailfish also offer lessons to Adults and Adolescent students enthusiastic to learn new swimming skills, or improve their current skill set. This program is designed to accommodate specific and individual needs of learn to swim, with a heavy focus on safe and effective swimming. Whether mature students are beginning their aquatic education journey, or focused on stroke correction and improving current swimming abilities,

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