We are very excited to introduce the new BlueFit Swimming program to the Moss Vale community.

Students are all booked in to their normal class time and they will attend their first BlueFit lesson greeted by their regular instructor.

The BlueFit Swimming program consists of structured levels that progressively build swimming skills and water confidence. It is important to acknowledge that current students may have not yet learned some of the skills that are in their BlueFit Swimming lessons. During the transition we greatly appreciate your understanding that it may take time to teach these new skills.

Swimming level transfer

At BlueFit Swimming we identify our levels with the name of an aquatic creature. We have been working closely with the existing Moss Vale team to ensure that students will be appropriately transferred to the corresponding BlueFit Swimming level. Parents and students will be advised of the name of their BlueFit level upon arrival for lessons or when you sign into MyPortal, ready to launch early this week

How to find your lesson lane

When you commence your BlueFit lessons, you will be provided with a BlueFit Swimming card. Each time you attend a lesson you must have your card scanned at reception to log your attendance. Upon scanning your student card you will be given a coloured token that matches your swimming lane. Students place their token in the matching box at the end of their lane at the commencement of their lesson.


Our focus is ensuring all students enjoy learning to swim and are continually challenged. Student should always be learning new skills and further developing existing skills. In the initial weeks our Pool Deck Coordinators (PDCs) will be monitoring students and communicating with parents and teachers to ensure everyone is in the level best suited to their ability.

On an on-going basis our PDCs continually observe students swimming skills and provide feedback to students and parents. Every student is assessed by our PDCs every 6 – 8 weeks. Each level has 10 skills that our students are working towards. When all skills are achieved, the student is then ready to move up to the next level. Our PDCs are always available to discuss students’ progress and answer any questions you may have. Student’s progress can also be checked on MyPortal. For further information about MyPortal please click here.


Your regular Debit Success payment will continue as normal. In the coming weeks we will change you over to our payment system, which is direct debit every second Friday. All payments are for the 2 weeks in advance, with any public holidays not charged. The program continues all year, except for a 10-day break at Christmas. Multi class and multi student discounts apply. Early this week a MyPortal link will be sent to you, so you can update your credit card or bank account details for payment. When this is done your Debit Success payments stop.

Notable update to the old active 5 level (New Shark level)

Those students who were previously enrolled in the Active 5 level will be transferred to our Shark level. Shark lessons will initially be 30 minutes in duration. Once the transition period has settled Shark lessons will be updated to be 45 minutes to be aligned with all other BlueFit Swimming sites. When this update occurs we will communicate with families and ensure that you have access to a 45 minute Shark lesson at a suitable time. There will be no added cost, Shark and Croc lessons are 45 minutes in duration at the same price as all of our 30 minute swimming lessons.

More information on the BlueFit Swimming program will be communicated in the next eNews. Until then, please see the team at reception for more info.